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by admin | Feb 08th, 2012


We had multiple goals during the launch of Infraredx new exhibit. They were broad based and challenging. We used light weight fabrics and extrusions to decrease shipping, drayage and labor costs. The savings were used to focus on messaging that reinforced Infraredx’s technical solution to the unmet medical need for the detection and identification of lipid core containing plaques of interest.

From across the show floor the InfraReDx experience stood out as dynamic, engaging and compelling. We designed an educational environment, following Advamed guidelines, that engaged the interest of our audience through the use of static images and multimedia.

2012 Event Design Magazine Award

by admin | Feb 03rd, 2012


The 2012 Event Design Magazine award winners have been announced. The Event Design Awards recognize the best among the best in our industry.  Sacks Exhibits is the Silver Winner in the category of Best All-Modular Exhibit  for  Synventive at NPE 2012.   Quote: “The award winning  projects reflect how the world’s best creative studios are reinventing experience design across all categories”.

Our work is being nationally recognized and is the product of each department’s hard work. Congratulations.

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