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Sacks is a dynamic, creative organization that evolves and changes according to your needs. We embrace the newest trends in exhibit design, trade show strategies, conference planning and production to deliver award winning trade show booth programs, value and results for you. We are expert in integrating digital and experiential techniques to extend your brand and ensure they resonate with your customers.

Ultimately Sacks is responsible for delivering award winning tradeshow programs. Every team member has clearly defined responsibilities to our company and clients. Our pre-show and post-show review process, coupled with quarterly reviews that cover overall account management (creativity, performance, accounting, on-site operations & planning) ensure that we have a forum that fosters a culture of continuous improvement.

a showroom so big you need directions

Experience our people. Designers, artists, carpenters and account management teams dedicated to your exhibit program. Our exhibition hall has over twenty exhibits set up in linear, island, and peninsula configurations. It is a perfect venue to experience the latest in trade show design, lighting and digital media under show hall conditions.

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