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by admin | Nov 05th, 2012

The clients primary goal for the project was to launch a new company name, “Alere” which represented the heart and soul of the former Inverness Medical. They wanted to create an environment that showcased the functionality of their wide range of testing equipment and effectively introduce the Alere brand and imagery in a resonant way. The Sacks team created an environment that was soft, flowing, and subtle with large format images that reflected the wide range of lives that Alere helps and touches. The product testing areas were large and well defined and the use of white fabric and graphics, coupled with thin profile lightbox accents created an environment of clean efficiency. Designers drew inspiration from the challenge and importance of medical testing to the human condition across age, race and gender to evaluate and enhance diagnosis and positive outcomes. The design attempted to articulate a clear arc of science, safety, efficacy and hope. Aluminum tubes, tension fabric, lights, and large format graphics formed the backbone of the monolithic “feel” that we wanted to create. Each element was unique, distinct, well-integrated, and supportive of the brand

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