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by admin | Nov 02nd, 2012

iProspect struck gold with this mining themed exhibit. Even though this was a lightweight structure constructed with Aluminum and tension fabric, the graphic mapping and quality of the design made it an amazingly realistic structure. By pushing the envelope with innovative materials, we were able to create an experiential destination, complete with antiques and interactive technologies, on a budget that would draw attention. The dramatic nature of the Mine piqued interest in attendees and reinforced iProspects brand as the industry leader. The exhibit drew 40% more actionable leads than its predecessor.

April 2011 Exhibitor Magazine cover story “Eureka”


by admin | Nov 01st, 2012


SRR’s 12th Annual Visual Victories Award Winners

Best Kiosk Display

First Place: iRobot

Retailer: iRobot Corporation
Location: Burlington Mall, Burlington, MA
Center owner/manager: Simon Property Group
Entry submitted by: Michelle Johnson, Simon Property Group
Visual merchandiser: Michael Geljookian, Sacks Exhibits

“This kiosk is perfectly suited to demonstrate the iRobot space-age floor-cleaning products,” said Denise Monahan of Jersey Gardens Mall. “Clearly iRobot is an experience not just a kiosk.” Patricia Zafferese added that the presentation “not only draws your eye to the product, but makes full use of the kiosk for demonstration and contact information while featuring the different uses of the products.


by admin | Apr 05th, 2012


MGMA 2011 was the debut of the combined businesses of Availity and Realmed and their program to deliver ”the best of both” advanced health information services to one of the nation’s fastest growing networks of providers, health plans and industry providers. We chose a aluminum extrusion system as a foundation of this design for its durability, style and monumental messaging capability.

Integrated interactive messaging platforms allowed for seamless presentations and allowed the joint sales force to deliver information to medical professionals in an organized and effective manner. The simple elegance of the tower and perpendicular ”billboard” spoke to the individual strengths of the merged companies yet was also an architectural metaphor to the combined strength forged by the new union.

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